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We are so sorry to inform you,
that due to the world situation coping with Pandemia of Covid-19,
we have to cancel our World Calligraphy Conference:
"Write, Right Now!"

Loredana Zega,

President of Skriptorij


With a click on the GOLD BUTTON (or the tiltle or the € sign) you will help us to raise money in order to refund the participants,
that made payments above 90 € 


With cacelling the conference, everyone lost a lot.
- not seeing each other in the first place... 
- over 500 hours of work (one and a half year of work on this project)
(designing on photoshop the logo, leaflets, website, word, e-mails, facebook, instagram, going to the conf sites, to the printers...)
- and a lot of money which we put into website, FB and INSTA commercial, printers, postage...